AFC Data & Analytics

AFC Data & Analytics

AFC Data & Analytics is built whilst keeping in mind that the users within an organisation should be self-serviced, data should become consistent and data will update with a frequency of near real time. These point are often the basis of many leaders’ expectations and wishes for Power BI or any other BI front end tool. However, often this dream is difficult to realise once the complexity of the huge amount of business data within the organisation becomes evident. Very quickly there are many questions to be answered – Who will update the data sources? Should data be maintained within Excel? How do we secure transparency and centralisation of the business logic within the reports across the organisation?

The answer can be quite simple: Automate your dataflow, minimise employee dependency and establish one common data model for the whole organisation, where business logic and rules are automated and placed within the data model. This provides the organisation with a high level of transparency within the reports which in the future will have one definitive truth.

With AFC Data & Analytics your company will acquire a BI-Platform which is built to state-of-the-art visualisations, created within the front-end tools XLCubed and Power BI, as the data is structured and automated within the analytic model placed in the platform thus eliminating manual errors. Crucially the platform also allows users to make multiple automated integrations to all your data sources. The aim is to establish a platform which allows for cross-analytical analysis of all business areas within the company.

With AFC Data & Analytics you will be guaranteed:

  • Automated near-real-time data flows
  • The option to have multiple data sources within one analytic model
  • Centralisation of the business logic
  • Automated maintenance of dimensions and hierarchies
  • One truth within all reports across the organisation
  • Extensive scalability when seeking to add new data sources and business areas

Using a data cube (OLAP el. Tabular)  the platform allows for creation of state-of-the-art visualisations within either XLCubed or Power BI. This option to customise the reports secures even more value to the organisation, as all reports can be obtained in one clear format for all employees to understand.

If you dream of a self-service BI solution which will deliver a clear and transparent overview of your business activities, business areas and operational data, then AFC Data & Analytics will become a valuable asset to your company in no time.  

If you wish to hear more about AFC Data & Analytics and the possibilities with the platform then do not hesitate to book a meeting by calling our Marketing & Relations Manager, Nicolaj Lund, today.


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