Power BI

Power BI

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a tool developed by Microsoft. It is easy to use and is designed for those who want to work with data analysis, Digital Finance, and Business Intelligence. The purpose of Power BI is that it should be simple to convert data into insightful information of which it is possible to base decisions upon. The program provides interactive visualisations in the dashboard based on data which is extracted from your company’s Excel sheets or any other local database. Power BI operates as a personal report and visualisation tool that can be used for analysis in relation to decision making in projects, departments or the entire company. 

Experience Your Data in New Ways

 Power BI is a business analysis front-end tool, which is convenient for:

  • Analysis
  • Visualisation
  • Report sharing

It is a cloud-based tool where all the approved users can access reports from all types of devices, no matter the location. This means that you can monitor your data in real time and even receive notifications on your phone or tablet whenever the data is updated.

Power BI differentiates from other report tools by being visually innovative with interactive dashboards that provide you with a current and complete insight within your company. The many innovative features, which allows for integration of external data, invite you to experience your data in new ways.


A faster, more efficient, and profound understanding

Power BI also allows you to insert analytics upon your data. It only takes a few clicks to create trend lines, forecasts, median lines etc. As a result, you will benefit from a fast and profound insight into your data and the opportunity to optimise your business processes.

(Kilde: Microsoft)


Team up with Solitwork

Power BI is without doubt a user friendly tool. However, the tool requires a solid elementary data model and the tool often changes. It is very time-consuming collecting and structuring the data, time your employees could spend on valuable analysis. In addition, it requires technical competences.

We at Solitwork are specialists in the use of Power BI and have helped several companies gain insight into their essential business data. By having Solitwork as part of your team, you will receive expert knowledge and competent counseling whenever required.

Our customers use Power BI to create a visual insight into their data in order to make improved decisions across the organisation. We take their data and create a manageable and customised dashboard tailored to their wishes and provide suggestions that may be beneficial to the client from our wealth of experience. When using Power BI it is possible to adapt the dashboard to the desired overview. The settings in Power BI are based on user roles, which allows CFO’s, Financial Director's and Business Controller's to have personalised dashboards that show exactly the information they need. The outcome is that Power BI becomes a tool that provides you with profound insight and shows which department(s) have growth potential. This means that by using Power BI as an integrated tool in your company you can make decisions based upon accurate business data.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Steven Campbell, or Esben Duedahl.

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