Automate a time-consuming, manual budgeting process

Are you from time to time struggling with your budgeting process, then you most likely are aware of the time-consuming effort behind this process, including the numerous iterations made in order to avoid mistakes and insufficiencies?

With AFC Planning, budgeting and planning has never been simpler. A platform that automates your budgeting process and provides the opportunity of working with it is a well-known tool like Excel, combined with data insights in actuals and a live connection to your data environment through the AFC Platform. This releases a massive amount of time and resources for more in-depth analysis.


Automated processes

Automation of the budgeting process results in less dependency on individuals due to a reduced number of manual processes, hence releasing resources in the financial department leaving the employees with time for valuable analyses and more cooperation with the rest of the organisation. By letting the system take care of the processes, your company is less vulnerable in case of for instance sickness absence or when employees leave the company, and the risk of mistakes arising from manual entries is reduced.


Simplification of the process

The budget cycle is typically characterised by a large range of iterations when the perspectives of subsidiaries are combined with the group perspective. Oftentimes, the budget administrator goes back and forth between the subsidiaries in order to collect the numbers manually as well as to analyse and consolidate them before the overall budget of the group can be made.

AFC Planning makes the budget cycle more efficient, as it automates parts of the process and collects data based on predetermined budget templates. Thereby, the process becomes simpler and consistent by which all employees have the same basis for decision-making.

The automatic loading of actuals from the financial management systems means that the budget is constantly updating, expanding and brought up to date with historical data. In that way, it is possible to create an ongoing forecast based on realised numbers.


Built on well-known tools

Just like every other of Solitwork’s tools, AFC Planning is based on well-known Microsoft tools. AFC Planning functions as an add-in for Excel. Additionally, it is possible to utilise existing BI tools, such as XLCubed or Power BI, for visualisation of the budget, and the platform also supports decentralised budget models and combine these with a consolidated concern perspective.


AFC Planning is the ideal solution for your company if you need to:

  • Automate a time-consuming, manual budgeting process
  • Obtain improved reactivity through constantly updating data
  • Release resources for more in-depth and valuable analysis
  • Reduce dependency on people and eliminate human error


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