Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence dashboard

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is the basis for several tools which can make your company more data-driven. Emphasis on Business Intelligence will enable you to automate the large amount of data flowing within your company and to transform this data into, for example, a visual and understandable dashboard. This is based on a transparent and scalable analytical model allowing the data to be analysed quickly and correctly. By implementing a BI platform from Solitwork, the data is gathered from multiple different data sources within the company, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, Excel sheets or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data. Hereafter, the data is being refined, validated and grouped in order to secure the maximum value of the output. This gives the company deep insight into their massive amounts of data which now be easily analysed in near-real time.


All your business data in just a minute

With a Business Intelligence solution from Solitwork, your company will have the ability to gain a fast and insightful overview of the company’s complex data. This gives you the chance to easily transform the knowledge gained from the data into a valuable business wise decision-making foundation. Our main aim is to bring you closer to your business.

Five Advantages of Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence enhances the transparency of your analytical point of departure

    • Based on the intel from different data sources, you will be able to make cross-analytical reports
  • Business Intelligence provides you with fast reaction time
    • Data is delivered to you in near-real time, allowing for a fast pace in the development of reports with actual data
  • Manual errors are eliminated
    • The automation of data flow and business logic secures quality in data loads and actual reports
  • Solitwork Business Intelligence solutions are intuitive and user-friendly
    • Self-service is the keyword in our solutions, we aim to deliver an intuitive and understandable platform for all users at the company 
  • Data can become valuable for all employees no matter the level of analytical understanding
    • With our solutions, we can create output defined for state-of-the-art visualization and dashboards made in e.g. Power BI  

No matter what your position is within your company, we will provide you with a solid foundation for understanding the business and the data surrounding the business.

Would you like to know more? Please contact our Marketing & Relations Manager, Nicolaj Lund or our CEO,
Esben Duedahl.


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