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What is Digital Finance?

Digital Finance is an umbrella term covering financial concepts, such as reporting, automatization of financial processes, consolidation, business intelligence, and advanced analytics, which all support the work in the financial department. At Solitwork, Digital Finance is basically about empowering the CFO through our product portfolio.

The digital transformation is above us, and the boundaries of finance departments are constantly changing. Hence, it is more crucial than ever that decision processes become data-driven and fact-based. If your data is transparent, your basis for decision becomes stronger, and your data becomes a flexible and intuitive factor you can trust.

Above all, Solitwork’s purpose is to optimize our customers’ finance departments by leading them into a digital transformation. Our mission is to strengthen the position of the CFO in any organization through four primary drivers:

With significantly larger insight in data, automatization of processes and the possibility to create updated management reports, we believe that the digital transformation is more available than ever before.

As an example, a large range of companies find that the monthly financial consolidation is still a source of frustration in 2020. Obsolete data, manual processes and ambiguous business logics are just a few of the issues leading to the financial consolidation process lasting several days. What is more, many companies often experience that manual mistakes happen while the basis for decision is deteriorated because the data used is based on old input and a multitude of different truths in the organization.

At Solitwork, we believe that the decision-makers cannot be uncertain regarding anything as crucial as the company’s vital business data. Solitwork’s Digital Finance platform breaks down barriers and connect divisions with a transparent and holistic view of the organization.

By operating on the basis of one common truth with up-to-date data, you have a far better basis for decision, by which time and effort can be used in areas such as analysis and value-creating reporting.

Do you want to digitalize your finance department and hence position it as a strategic partner internally in the company, then Solitwork is the right business partner for you.

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You can also learn more about three subjects related to Digital Finance, namely Business Intelligence, Financial Consolidation, and Financial Reporting.


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