Client Stories

Client Stories

The key factor in all our client partnerships is to ensure that collaboration is based on actual business demands. Together, we have achieved ambitious goals through close and confidential cooperation.

We are extremely proud of the different client stories from our clients as they demonstrate that we, among other things, are collaborators, and that we go the extra mile to create meaningful value for our clients and their business.

Below you can read some of our client stories where we have created value and worked in partnership to develop effective solutions.

If you would like to know more, please contact us to discuss or arrange a meeting about the possibilities for your business.

Orion Reederei

Orion gained an automated Vessel Analytics platform, optimizing their performance reports and quarterly reporting the the vessel owners.

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Bunker Holding

Michael Krabbe, CFO, Bunker Holding, has through the work with Solitwoks Digital Finance platform experienced, how him and his team, can make faster business-critical decisions, based on facts and up-to-date data rather than gut feelings

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Bang & Olufsen

Increased transparency, overview and insight into the business have been some of the significant results with a Solitwork solution. In addition, the solution has enabled a greater degree of automation of central finance processes in B&O and thus released time for valuable analysis.

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With the help of Solitworks' finance solution, the telecoms giant TDC can report faster, optimise and streamline the budget planning process and provide better estimates for future earnings.

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The key to success as a CFO is about balancing the role of business partner with the role of the person who protects the company's finances.

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