At Solitwork, our company is built upon four main values: ‘Responsibility’, 'Thoroughness’, ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Competence ‘. We continuously adhere to these values with the purpose of bringing our clients closer to their business through close collaboration.



We take responsibility for our clients, colleagues and solutions

We take ownership of problems and bring a solution that sets new standards

We dare to challenge and tell our clients what we believe is the right thing to do


We go the extra mile because we have ambitions for our clients and for ourselves

We create a thorough process for the best and most efficient solutions and also the right answers

We understand our clients’ business processes, work flow, systems, data and everyday life – and we can put it into the right contexts


We bring our professionalism in application in a personal way, which makes us an attractive and present collaborator

We are driven by creating value for our clients, which is why our expert knowledge extends over our clients and colleagues’ areas.

We have high standards and we continuously move our borders by being curious and inquisitive


We are available for our clients and colleagues whenever they need it, especially when it counts

We are committed to becoming wiser together with our clients in a complex world

We know that our clients’ situation changes continuously, which both our solution and consultants know how to navigate


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