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There are many demands on the consultancy company of the future, particularly as they need to understand how company value drivers today are being influenced, and for what reasons. This includes the innovative technology, the competent employees and a company’s countless business models.


Solitwork is a Software as a Service company operating within the sphere of digital finance aiming to empower the CFO with more data-driven and automated work life. Our platform enables a perfect harmony for data-driven and fact-based decisions that are in alignment with the company’s strategy, based on up-to-date data provide in a platform which takes your companies business model, logics and specific rules into accounts.

We have more than 19 years of experience and are one of Denmark’s leading Digital Finance consultancies, working with both large and medium-sized companies. Our work is built upon the basis of flexible project management with a particular focus on the following three areas:


  • Technology
  • Business Models
  • People

We focus on well known back-end technology, built upon Microsoft, agile business models and developing skills internally in a company both during and after the implementations of a Digital Fiannce solution. Therefore, we wish to collaborate with you now and in the future.

Let’s talk data

We all speak the same language at Solitwork – data. Data is the common language that connects us and creates a joint understanding of our clients’ businesses and needs.

At Solitwork our employees are highly educated and have a deep technical as well as business understanding, and work in collaboration with several of Danish companies. The close collaboration between our developers and business analysts ensures a short time-to-market to ensure our clients start to see the benefits as soon as possible.

Closer To Your Business

Our solutions support several opportunities in automating the dataflow in your company both financially and non-financially such as sales, production, marketing, logistics etc. We strive to bring our clients closer to their business by improving the foundations for decision making with solutions that are tailored to our client’s business. No matter the goal, we are committed to ensuring:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Cost Reduction
  • Growth Support

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