Financial Reporting

Finansiel rapportering

What is financial reporting?

Do you wish to optimise your financial processes while at the same time create a deep but fast overview of your valuable business data? Then automated financial reporting could be the solution you are looking for.

Time is a valuable asset within any organisation and with automated reporting, additional time can be made available due to the elimination of manual typing across different reports and spreadsheets as well as removing human error due to re-keying.

As a result, data analysis and future reporting will become highly accessible and transparent based on the analytical data model which forms the foundation for the report, based on your many data sources, business logic and agile frequency for your data load.

With the FCC Analytics platform you will gain a clear and transparent insight into your data and near-real-time data updates, transforming your use of data into a strategic point of reference for future decisions in your company.

Solitwork as a collaborative partner

When starting projects with new clients seeking to automate their financial reporting, our focus is always to optimise the financial processes and provide clients with an accurate picture of the current performance of their company.

We ensure that each client receives:

•    An overview of the financial situation in the company

•    Full insight into their large amounts of data

•    Insights into the company by creating forecasts and more predictive reports for the future, using Business Intelligence

To understand your company's financial data and to gain an overview of the financial activities it is important that data is being refined according to your unique business rules. Our platform gathers and automates your business logic, and places it centrally within the organisation. This is advantageous to employees across the organisation as they now have the opportunity to make reports based on the same logic.

In turn this opportunity provides transparency in the company’s business data, and the many activities surrounding the organisation, which makes it possible to create critical business decisions on true facts and figures.

Future-proof platform

Our BI platform is future-proof, effective and secure whilst also having a proven track record in some of the largest multinational companies throughout the world.  This means we can guarantee that the platform is ready to handle the most complex needs for reporting to and for top management. 

Would you like to hear more about the FCC platform, or would you like to have a live demo? Then do not hesitate to contact Nicolaj Lund, our Marketing & Relations Manager, or our CEO, Esben Duedahl.


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